Consequences of Poor Sleep

Consequences of Poor Sleep

Sleep has been extolled immensely for its amazing benefits on our mind and body which make it all the more an essential part of our daily routine. While everyone craves for a reasonable and healthy amount of sleep every night, not everyone is fortunate enough to sink into a good slumber right after they lay […]

What Is Relaxation Music?

what is relaxation music

What is the primary factor that involves your mind once you hear the word ‘relax’? It may be you sitting on the beachside sipping beers, maybe a tremendous and peaceful spa treatment or simply the right cup of coffee after an extended weekend nap. Relaxing can have several views reckoning on person to person; from […]

Looking to Steal Some More Sleep?

Looking to Steal Some More Sleep

Just like most Americans, you’re probably not sleeping enough. It seems rampant in such a way that every other person among us is a part of it. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reviews that Americans are within the middle of a nap loss epidemic. Nearly eight out of ten Americans have confessed that […]