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Getting good sleep is much more important than you think. Undoubtedly, feeling well-slept significantly affects our mood, reactions and how efficient you can possibly be. Studies validate our struggle in making decisions, problem solving and controlling emotions on our ‘tired’ days. If resting well is so important how we ended up here ignoring the side effects of compromising with our sleep? Letting alarm clocks and a poor work-life balance control our lives has devastated the sleeping process. Only after tampering with the exquisitely regulated process of sleep developed over million of years,

we have started realizing that our sleep and health are interrelated. Poor sleep affects your health and similarly poor health doesn’t let you get the needed sleep. Disturbed sleeping patterns lead to common mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression. And again such ailments keep you from getting a calm sleep and it goes on. 

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Additionally, sleep defines your eating habits. Don’t you believe us? Well, you would surely have noticed when you aren’t not well rested you go for the accessible food rather than having a nutritious meal. To back it up with science, at night our body produces ghrelin and leptin hormones. Since Ghrelin stimulates appetite, it is also called the hunger hormone whereas Leptin is there to regulate our food intake and body weight. So, lack of good sleep affects both mental as well as physical health. 

Considering our busy schedules, we often find it difficult to stick to a routine where we hit the bed and wake up around the same time everyday. You might find it even more challenging on weekends but we must admit that humans are the most adaptive creatures and so by making certain lifestyle changes we can fix our sleep cycle. 

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However, at times it’s not as easy as it seems. This is when can rely on our good old friend: Music. “Music becomes my best friend when nobody else understands me” fits here perfectly. You might not be familiar with the fact that music actually has a stronger impact on us than mere entertainment. Affecting the parasympathetic nervous system, certain music arrangements can help us relax and fall asleep. Studies have revealed that adults who listen to calm music for about 30 minutes doze off comparatively faster than when they don’t do it. Also, they get to sleep longer and peacefully. As far as the younger age groups are concerned, relaxing music has added quality to the sleep. 

The relaxing music slows down your breathing, heart rate, and lowers blood pressure in an appropriate manner. When it comes to get a sound sleep, it is very important to choose the right music and once you integrate the same in your sleep routine, you’ll notice the positive effects of relaxing music on your body build over time. So, why struggle when being friends with some playlists can actually fix your sleep. 

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